Monday, March 11, 2013

Review of Saige's Pajamas!

I just got Saige's Pajamas, so I thought I'd review them.  :) 

A full length shot.

A pic of the graphic on her shirt.  This is a pretty touch!

The design on the shorts.  Too cute!  They go with the shirt nicely. :)

A back view.

The ruffle on her shirt sleeve.  The same detailing is on the sleeves and her neckline.

The ADORABLE slippers!  I love the little bows!  :)  They really pull the whole outfit together.

A back view of the elastics.

The little orange hairbands.  I won't be putting these in Saige's hair because I'm afraid that they will stretch out.  They are really cute, though.  :)

Out of the baggy.

And the box.

I overall give the outfit an A.  The shirt gets an A, the shorts get an A, and the slippers get an A- because I'm afraid that the elastics may stretch out over time.  I give the hairbands a A.  I hope you all liked this review!

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