Sunday, June 23, 2013

My *Updated* Wishlist

Hey girls, I thought I'd post about what dolls I want next, but first I'd like a few pairs of clothes.  Here is my complete wishlist in the order I'd like! :)
I want Molly's whole collection, but I'd really like...

Her new PJ's first.  These are adorable and only avalible for limited time! :)
Then of course I want her party dress, her tap outfit, her 1994 swimsuit and her holiday dress.

I'd also like Saige's Pajamas.  I don't have them yet and they are sooo cute!

Her sweater outfit is cute, and I'd like that.
Then I want her new outfit being released in July.

And her parade outfit.

And the Easy Breezy Outfit.
For the dolls I'd like....

Rebecca Doll, Book & Accessories

Ivy!  So right now I'm JUST focusing on getting Molly & Saige's collections out of the way since Molly has a high chance of being archived and Saige is going at the end of the year!  Then I'd like to collect more of Kit's collection and of course Caroline's, and that's really all, I mean I have lots of outfits for them but Id really like their whole collection!

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  1. I want Saige's sweater outfit and the easy breezy outfit. They are so cute!