Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Interview Week: Day 2: What We Like!

Hey girls, it's Day 2 of the Interview Week with Cindy, Hope & Jan.
Each day 15 questions will be asked and we will all answer them!  Here's Day 2's questions & answers:
1. Besides being online, what are some of your hobbies in real life?
Cindy: Reading books. AG.  Playing piano. Swimming. Collecting stamps, rocks, Polly Pockets, Calico Critters, Puppy in my Pockets, and a lot of other things. xD I also like practicing gymnastics at home.
Hope:  I really like acting, singing, being on stage, swimming, reading, playing piano, collecting American Girl doll’s, arranging my Calico Critter’s around…..xD
Jan: Reading, playing with my AG dolls, painting, singing, baking, and swimming.  Look out, though!  I'm terrible at painting and singing!  :)
2. Do you have any pets in real life?
Cindy:  Yes, four cats. Pickle, Max, Hemmingway, and Hitchens. (They're not really mine, though 'cause they're family pets.)
Hope: I have a dog named Haley which I share with my family.  Right now I’m trying to get my parents to get me a dwarf hamster and to name Cupcake!
Jan:  Yes.  I have two hamsters, Bashful and Mortimer, and my family has four kitties: Max and Pickle (the grown-up kitties), and Hemmingway and Hitchens (the kittens).
3. If you had to eat 2 foods for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
Cindy:  Mint chocolate chip ice cream (or the plain mint kind) and...mmm, IDK. Oysters? (I actually like them! xD)
Hope: Hmmmm…..Defenitly spaghetti and mint Oreo ice cream! ;)
Jan:  Hmmm.....probably cookies or ice cream, and lasagna.
4. What do you have in common with each-other?
Cindy: We all like AG. We like reading too! And we're all BFF's. :)
Hope: We all like American Girl, reading, saying XD, and we’re just BFF’s!
Jan:  Well, we're all best friends.  We all love to read, and love AG dolls (Duh!  :). )
5. What are some of your best qualities?
Cindy: IDK! I know I'm honest...IDK what else...:)
Hope: I don’t really know….Hahahaha
Jan:  To be perfectly honest, I have no idea!  :D
6. What are some of your favorite book series?
Cindy: AG, Beacon Street Girls, Little House, Dolphin Diaries, Puppy Place, Babysitter's Club, Dear America, Royal Diaries...and more!
Hope: I really like the American Girl books, American Girl mystery books, Life of Faith Elsie, Violet & Millie series, Royal Diaries, Babysister’s Club and Beacon Street Girls.
Jan:  All of the AG books, the Misty of Chincoteague books, Nancy Drew, and the Dear America/ Royal Diaries books.  I also love the Beacon Street Girls!  But I have soooo many books, its hard to pick my favorite series!
7. Do you have any favorite TV shows?
Cindy: YES!! The Brady Bunch is my favorite!
Hope: Yes!  I really like the Brady Bunch, I Love Lucy, Jessie and Good Luck Charlie!
Jan:  Yes!  :)  I love I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeannie, Gilligan's Island, the Partridge Family, and Little House on the Prairie. 
8. Are you allergic to anything?
Cindy: I don't know exactly, but I don't think so. How about allergic to certain school stuff? Does that count? xD
Hope: I actually don’t know….
Jan:  Hmmm....according to me, no.  According to doctors, yes.  I had these allergy test things done a few years ago, and they said I was allergic to all kinds of silly things, like grass!
9. What are some of your favorite colors?
Cindy: Electric turquoise and hot pink.
Hope: I like any shade of pink and blues!
Jan:  Purple, pink, blue, and red.
10. Which do you like best out of these 3 different types of foods: Italian, Chinese or Mexican?
Cindy: Italian.
Hope: Either Italian or Chinese!  I love noodle, rice and chicken dishes.
Jan:  Argh, that's a hard choice!  :). Probably Mexican, though.
11. What are some of your favorite clothes to wear?
Cindy: My dress with the big sparkly flowers all over it is my fave at the moment, but it changes all the time. :)
Hope: I looooove wearing flowery tops, cute tops with designs, and cute shorts in different colors.
Jan:  Dresses and shirts/skirts.  I'm not a huge fan of pants, except when I have to wear them in the winter.  :). I love shorts in the summer, though!
12. Do you have any favorite shops?
Cindy: I like Justice for clothes. And for other stuff, Barnes & Noble and Claire's are nice!
Hope: I looove Justice for clothing, and Claire’s for accessories.  I also like American Girl Place and Barnes & Noble.
Jan:  American Girl (:D) and Justice.
13. What are some of your favorite accessories?
Cindy: My Christmas tree necklace! I never take it off. xD And I like wearing rubber band bracelets I make and crazy earrings.
Hope: I loooove dangly earrings!  I’m famous in my class for wearing dangly food earrings (LOL).  I also love scarves!
Jan:  Hats!  I L-O-V-E hats!  :). I love my earrings and scarves, too.
14. What is your favorite marine animal?
Cindy: That's a hard one!  Right now, I like stingrays.
Hope: I loooove dolphins so much!  They are super smart, too!
Jan:  Dolphin!  :)
15. If you could dye your hair a certain color for a day, which color would you choose?
Cindy: Blue!
Hope: I’d just dye it pink or blue highlights, but if I had to dye my whole hair then like light blue or pink or something!
Jan:  Hmmmm....maybe pink!  :)

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