Monday, June 24, 2013

The Interview Week: Day 1: How We Got Here

Hey girls, it's time for Day 1 of the Week of Interviews with Cindy, Hope & Jan. 
Each day 15 questions will be asked and we will all answer them!  Here's Day 1's questions & answers:
1. How did you find out about American Girl?
Cindy:  I think we just got a catalog in the mail, and I looked at it and liked it. (I really can't remember. xD)
Hope:  I found out about American Girl when I received a catalog in the mail (strangely a month before my birthday ;) )  Right then and there, I fell in love with American Girl and have been collecting ever since.
Jan: When I was around six years old, we got a catalogue in the mail, and I LOVED it!  :). I started asking for an AG doll, and that Christmas, I got my first: Felicity.
2. Who was your first American Girl doll and when/how did you get it?
Cindy:  My first AG doll was Addy. I got her for Christmas in 2005 (I think, it might've been 2006).
Hope:  My first American Girl doll was Ruthie Smithens and I got her for my birthday.  My mom had recently went to Dallas, Texas and went to the AGP Store there to buy her!  Ruthie’s curls are gorgeous!
Jan: Felicity Merriman.  I got her the Christmas when I was six years old.
3. What inspired you to create a blog about American Girl?
Cindy:  I saw other girls' blogs and I thought it would be fun. :)
Hope: Well, I’d seen all the other amazing doll blogs (such as my Cindy & Jan’s) so I decided to create one myself.
Jan:  I loved all of the other AG doll blogs I saw, and thought that it would be fun to make one of my own, and make new friends too!  And it is fun!  :)
4. What inspired you to create this collab blog together?
Cindy:  I don't remember which of us suggested it, but I thought it'd be fun to do a blog with my sis (Jan) and super awesome friend (Hope).
Hope:  Like what Cindy & Jan said, we were all BFF’s and we thought it would be really fun to create a collab blog together!
Jan: Cindy, Hope, and I are BFFs, and I, personally, thought it would be a lot of fun to make a blog with my best friends.
5. What American Girl doll's do you hope to get next?
Cindy:  Cecile!! (I am getting her really soon actually!) And Caroline and #59 and Julie and #58 and Emily....the list goes on and on. :)
Hope:  I really want to finish out Molly & Saige’s collections, then hopefully I want to get Cecile, Rebecca & Ivy.
Jan:  Marie-Grace (who I am getting soon!  Yay!), Molly, Kaya, and Kit.
6. Do you have any other Non American Girl brand dolls?
Cindy:  I have a LOF doll, Violet! :)
Hope:  I have 1 Our Generation doll named Sydney Lee, she was $32 at Target and she’s extremely good quality for such a small price!
Jan:   Yes.  I have Dorothy, an Our Generation doll, and Elsie, a Life of Faith doll.
7. What dolls do you have?
Cindy: My AG dolls are Addy Marie Walker; Elizabeth Cole; Kanani Joy Akina; McKenna Lilliana Hailey Brooks;  Jess Akiko McConnell; and Cindy  Susan Brady (MAG #32).
Hope:  I have Ruthie Gwen Smithens [from my birthday], Mallory Lily Rush (fake last name) JLY 42 [I bought her with birthday money awhile back], Kit Luna Kittredge [Christmas of 2011], Sydney Lee [bought her myself in Summer 2012], Caroline Abbott [bought with Christmas money in January 2013], Saige Melody Copeland [for my birthday 2013], and Molly {short for Madison} Grace McIntire [used with birthday money].
Jan:  Felicity Merriman, Agnes (Bitty Baby), Helen Catarina Patsy Jacqueline (MAG), Nicki Fleming, Rebecca Rubin, Saige Esther Copeland, Dorothy Ann, and Elsie Rose Dinsmore.
8. Do you have a favorite doll out of your dolls?
Cindy: Kanani.
Hope:  Nope!  I could never pick favorites I love all my dolls equally!
Jan:  Hmmmm.....that's a hard one!  Rebecca!  But don't tell my other dolls!  :)
9. What American Girl Place's have you been to?
Cindy: AGP DC and AGP NY.
Hope: I’ve been to American Girl Place Kansas City several times, American Girl Place Dallas twice and American Girl Place Minneapolis {Mall of America} once.
Jan:  I have been to the Washington DC one several times, and the NYC one twice.
10. If you could build an American Girl Place somewhere else, where would you put it?
Cindy: Hawaii (unless there's one there already, IDK. :))
Hope: I’d definitely do one closer to me, though I am close to a few!  And one in Oklahoma City, OK doesn’t have any!
Jan:  Where I live!  But I can't tell you where that is!  :). Other than that, I think AG should build some AGPs in other countries.
11. What are some of your favorite things to do with your dolls?
Cindy: I like doing their hair, dressing them, taking pics of them, and playing a silly game called Time Machine I made up.
Hope:  I really like doing photostories with them, doing their hair, dressing them up, and sometimes I even just sit down and play with them!
Jan:  Dress them, do their hair, and think up fun photo stories and things to do with them on my blogs!  :). I like to watch movie and things with them, too.
12. Have you ever sent any of your dolls to the American Girl doll hopsital?
Cindy: No.
Hope:  Nope, never!
Jan: No
13. Do you have any retired dolls?
Cindy: Yes! I have Elizabeth, Kanani, McKenna, and Jess.
Hope:  I don’t right as of now, but Molly is going to be retired soon and I have her, so almost!
Jan:  Yes.  I have Felicity Merriman, retired Historical Character from 1774; Nicki Fleming, GOTY 2007; and Elsie Rose Dinsmore, because unfortunately, the company went out of business. :(
14. What would you say is the most fun thing about collecting dolls?
Cindy: Oh, that's a hard one! Mmm, IDK...I really like doing their hair and reading their books.
Hope:  Doing blogs, I’d say, and just having them, I mean dolls will always be there for you when friends aren’t!  {Even though Jan & Cindy are always there for me}
Jan: Hmmmmm......I don't know.  Just playing with them, and having fun.  :). Doing blogs with them is lots of fun too!
15. Do you dislike anything about American Girl dolls?
Cindy: No way! Unless you count the fact AG retires stuff. xD
Hope:  I just don’t like the prices, they are very expensive, even if they are good quality!
Jan:  Well, yes.  The prices!  AG's prices are actually ridiculous; I really think they should lower them.  I also think that AG should focus a little more on the Historical Characters.  More HC movies would be really nice!

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